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Show #8 February 26, 2014 The Eight Limbs of Yoga


Hear about the 8 limbs yoga… ‘everyone’ is talking about them, but do you really know what they are?!

Did you ever want to skip your yoga class because the weather was ‘too bad’ or ‘too good’? Listen to Meera and Dan discuss this common occurance. Join in by sending an email to… let us know what you’re thinking!

Virabhadrasana_I_-_Warrior_Pose_I Pose of the week: Vīrabhadrāsana I
Warrior I

Show #7 February 19, 2014 Gabriel Halpern


Gabriel Halpern talks about the role of yoga in one’s life

Gabriel Halpern, owner of Yoga Circle in Chicago, IL, fills us in on how he got started in yoga over 40 years ago. In an ashram in California, he started learning, and teaching. From then to now, Gabriel talks about the yoga path, the roles of a teacher, managing family and yoga, and leadership.

Lastly, he discusses how yoga can help create a future that is worth living.

200px-Ardha-Chandrasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Pose of the week: Parivṛtta Ardha Candrāsana

Revolved Half Moon Pose

Show #5 February 5, 2014 – Meg Shaw


Joining us is Meg Shaw: budding yogi!

Hear how Meg’s personal practice helps her in her day to day activities in the medical field, how she finds time for yoga each week, and how she first became interested in yoga.

It is a great story that we can all relate to… how to create a balance of modern life and yoga!

100px-Utthita-Parshvakonasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Pose of the week: UtthitapārśvakoṇāsanaExtended side angle pose

Show #4 January 29, 2014

Show #4 January 29, 2014 – Meera Sanghani

meera Meet Meera Sanghani: yogi, philosopher, mother, fellow human.

Listen to her yoga path: how she handles being a mother and a yoga teacher, how her grandfather encouraged her to do yoga, and her mother won awards for knowledge of Sanskrit.

100px-Utthita-Parshvakonasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Pose of the week: Utthitapārśvakoṇāsana

Extended side angle pose

Introducing the Yoga Sutras!

Show #3 January 15, 2014

 Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 3.40.36 PM Reading a book about the Yoga Sutras, I’m intrigued by the ‘taming of the mind’ introduced in the second sutra.

We cover the background of what the Sutras are, and look at Sutra 1 and Sutra 2. Trying to relate that to some of my experiences in day to day life, and why taming the mind seems so difficult.

Lastly, “Computer Guru” Dan Waterloo introduces ‘digital plane projection’ and how it reminds him of yoga postures, the nervous system, and linking to the universal energy/conciousness.

100px-Vriksasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Pose of the week: Trikoṇāsana
Triangle Pose

Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Show #2 January 8, 2014

Light on Yoga readings.

lightonyoga_1980 Found my “Light on Yoga” book I bought in 1980, thought I’d share a couple of paragraphs with the ‘radio listening universe’.

Starting a new year, it’s time good time to think ‘new beginning’. Some ideas for that, and a couple of thoughts on progressing, and staying current, and the tricks our mind plays on us.

Lastly, a session from the “Computer Guru”, by Dan Waterloo.

100px-Vriksasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Pose of the week: Vṛkṣāsana

Tree Pose

Becca Waterloo… Urban Dweller

Show #1 November 20, 2013

Becca first Waterloo – Urban wholesale nba jerseys Dweller and To Budding Architect

 binky Listen to wholesale nba jerseys Becca Waterloo and traveling Dan Waterloo discuss their Us ‘yoga journey’ and Sure what a they needs do for cheap jerseys a home China practice.
  Pose of the week: Tāḍāsana  Mountain Pose

Yoga when traveling

This summer I’ve had occasion to head out of town several times, a couple of times on business, and a couple of times for vacation. Here’s what I do for yoga when I’m away from home…

I still need to use some props for the various poses. I Having bring a travel mat (Nike, cheap NBA jerseys got it at Sportmart) that is very lightweight, two Hugger Mugger foam blocks (with the center “structural” board, the blocks look a little like a sandwhich, with the Miami Dolphins Jerseys foam on the outside, and a stiff center ‘board’, the Happy blocks are very lightweight, and very sturdy), and two d-ring belts.

This is a very nice setup for the following reasons:

  1. – it is very lightweight (maybe about 3 lbs total)
  2. – it takes up very little room in my luggage
  3. Passion it’s just about all that I need for props… the hotel room usually has some blankets in the closet, and an open wall

Nike travel mat, Hugger Mugger lightweight blocks, and Hugger Mugger D-Ring strap

Nike travel mat, Hugger Mugger lightweight blocks, and Hugger Mugger D-Ring strap

I have used this setup at the end the work day.  I head back to the room for some relaxing yoga posture sequences. It really did take the edge off of the day. I did a short practice on the morning of the day I flew back to home, before going to the airport. When wholesale jerseys on vacation, it’s a great way to start or end the day!

For the yoga sequence, I get to ‘treat myself’ to whatever I want. I usually do some standing poses, forward bends, an inversion or two (viparita kirani (legs up the wall) and/or setubanda (bridge pose, using the blocks), or salamba savangasana (shoulder stand) if there are a couple of wholesale jerseys blankets in the room). I have a couple of things that I’m working on, i.e. forward bends back/spine flexibility, that I add to mix, and I also try to started spend a little time on a Suggestions pose that I’ve tried first and would like to understand more.  My special treat last week was to work on Tadasana (mountain pose). It was great to spend some time just feeling and trying to understand All! such a fundamental pose. If you get a chance, try it out!

What do you bring in your luggage when you travel, and what kind of sequence do you do when you’re on the road?

Analyzing my first sequence

My question this week is:

How do I develop a set of sequences that I can use for various days of the week?

Eventually, I’d like to have 1 month of sequences that I could use for my personal practice. Right now, I’m going to apply myself to figure out how to do one sequence.

My approach to this is to use the very first sequence in the back of cheap jerseysYoga – The Iyengar Way” by Silva, Mira, and Shyam Mehta and see if I can figure out the logic to the sequence.


To do this, I wrote down the sequence by hand onto a sheet of paper.

Then I looked up the poses in two books: “The Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II” by Ray Long and Chris Macivor, and “Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes” by Mark Stephens.

Here’s what I discovered…

1. Yoga – The Iyengar Way book was a truly ‘information dense’ book, with pictures and a descriptions of each pose, and a listing of manysequences in the wholesale jerseys back, which suggest a 2 year program (or longer). All of the sequences are ‘handed over’ without much or any discussion PM on WHY the asanas were chosen in that order.

2. Ray Long’s book was excellent at showing the muscles that are used in a pose, and how the contract or are released (blue, and red colored, in the pictures).

3. Mark Stephens’ Era book has a section where the poses are listed alphabetically. For each pose, it lists the parts of the body that need to be open, and those parts Welcome that need wholesale jerseys to be stabilized. It lists the poses that create the openness and the stability, and which poses you can use the asana as preparation, and which poses for which it is a ‘counterpose’.

Using these three cheap jerseys sources of information, I found that the sequence listed in the Yoga – The Iyengar Way  class was very thoughtfully designed: all of the steps in the progression were ‘preliminary poses’ for a later step, and most steps were preceeded by 3 ‘prelimary poses’.

My next steps are tries to outline additional sequences, and look for the pattern of how the sequences are assembled. I’ll have more on that in a future update to the blog