Show #46 Yoga Radio: March 4, 2015 – Yoga Sutras with Dr. Abhi Ghosh


sutras-240 Tonight’s special guest is Abhi Ghosh, a scholar of the Sutras. We will begin our discussion of the Sutras.A sutra (Sanskrit: सूत्र, Pāli: sutta, Ardhamagadhi: sūya) is an aphorism or a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual or, more broadly, a text in Hinduism or Buddhism. Literally it means a thread or line that holds things together and is derived from the verbal root siv-, meaning to sew.[1] The word “sutra” was very likely meant to apply quite literally to these texts, as they were written down in books of palm leaves sewn together with thread. This distinguishes them from the older sacred Vedas, which until recently were only memorised, never committed to paper.

Please listen, and feel free to send an email to if you have a question you would like to pose to Dr. Ghosh.


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Show #45 Yoga Radio: Feb 18, 2015 – Winter Asanas for Snowy Climates

snowman-240 For those that live in the Chicago area, we’re in the ‘heat of the winter’…

We all notice that our energy is lower than normal, and staying inside, cuddled up under a blanket is a wonderful experience.How about your yoga practice? Do you have any favorite poses for this time of the year?

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Join in (if you have the energy…)!


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parivrttaikapada_sirsasana-240 Pose of the week:Parivrttaikapada SirsasanaRevolved Split-Legged Headstand


Show #44 Yoga Radio: Feb 11, 2015 – Yoga, Meditation and David Angsten

davidangsten-240 Tonite’s guest is David Angsten: Meditator, Yoga practitioner and author. We’ll have a  discussion with David about his 40 plus years of meditation, yoga, and how he became an author.He has just released his 3rd book: ‘The Assassin Lotus‘, a fascinating story of modern adventurers in pursuit of the legendary plant elixir called soma. In the oldest religious text still in use today, the Rig Veda of ancient India, soma was said to confer courage and enlightenment to those who imbibed it. Although there have been many theories, the true identity of this miraculous plant has been lost to the mists of time. The Assassin Lotus imagines the rediscovery of soma in Asia, and the feverish hunt this triggers to find the lost plant’s hidden source.David will be interviewed by the delightful Kathleen Waterloo!


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parsvasirsasana2 Pose of the week:Parsva SirsasanaSide Headstand


February 4, 2015 No show tonight

The Snow and Technology Spirits are in Full Force!

After spending a full day moving snow out the way on Monday, I now have (weather based?) issues with the internet… If you are a loyal listener, I want you to have a great experience.

The connection is not good enough to be listenable, and I’ve got the people at Comcast coming out tomorrow to look at everything.

Which means, we’ll (hopefully) have a great show NEXT week (Feb 11), with David Angsten!

Stay tuned, and we’ll see you next week!