Show #44 Yoga Radio: Feb 11, 2015 – Yoga, Meditation and David Angsten

davidangsten-240 Tonite’s guest is David Angsten: Meditator, Yoga practitioner and author. We’ll have a  discussion with David about his 40 plus years of meditation, yoga, and how he became an author.He has just released his 3rd book: ‘The Assassin Lotus‘, a fascinating story of modern adventurers in pursuit of the legendary plant elixir called soma. In the oldest religious text still in use today, the Rig Veda of ancient India, soma was said to confer courage and enlightenment to those who imbibed it. Although there have been many theories, the true identity of this miraculous plant has been lost to the mists of time. The Assassin Lotus imagines the rediscovery of soma in Asia, and the feverish hunt this triggers to find the lost plant’s hidden source.David will be interviewed by the delightful Kathleen Waterloo!


Twitter: @yogastudents

parsvasirsasana2 Pose of the week:Parsva SirsasanaSide Headstand


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