Show #43 Yoga Radio: Jan 21, 2015 – Yoga and Traveling

yoga-travel-240 When traveling, it can be easy to stop practicing yoga. Here are a couple of tips to keep the practice going…

  • simple is better,
  • each day practice whatever you want,
  • bring a minimum of props to make the poses easier,
  • take advantage of the unstructured nature of practice to explore the poses, and
  • look for a local yoga studio wherever you are.If you feel like joining in the discussion and or sharing your approach to yoga while travelling…


Twitter: @yogastudents

sirsasana-240 Pose of the week:Salamba SirsasanaSupported Headstand

Show #42 Yoga Radio: Jan 7, 2015 – Happy New Year!

IYA-logo-240 Meera Sanghani is back from India. She’ll be filling us in on how it went, and we’ll be talking a bit about the classes she took at Iyengar Yogashraya in Mumbai (Bombay).

Please join us as we discuss Meera’s trip, and as we pin each other down on some New Year’s resolutions!

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Twitter: @yogastudents

anantasana-240 Pose of the week:


Vishnu’s Couch Pose