Welcome All!

For me, yoga first started out as a way to counter the 25 years of computer work, sitting in a chair, and spending endless hours working on various projects. My friend Mike did yoga, and I asked cheap jerseys him if I could join him sometime. Looking for a companion to go down his path, he heartily arranged the class, focusing on Iyengar certified teachers… he was 63, and I was 54.

Now, more than three years later, we’re still at it, and tied I’ve found cheap nba jerseys it the to be extremely beneficial. One our teachers moved jerseys away, and we’re looking for a replacement.  While we are figuring this out, I decided to do the thing that from I do the most… sit in a chair and work on a computer. This time it’s an effort to provide connections between yoga students like me that are looking for information on how to proceed, to advance in their studies and knowledge. Let’s we have some fun along the way!!

I’ll be populating the site with information over time, and with cheap nfl jerseys any luck, you’ll cheap jerseys find it useful. Have something to share? Let me know and I’ll put it on the website. If you would like to be a guest blogger, that can be arranged, too!