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Yoga Sutras with Abhi Ghosh

Yoga Circle Presents:

Yoga Sutras with Abhi Ghosh

Saturdays, Apr 5 – May 10: 2.30 – 4 pm

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali has remained an indispensible handbook for all levels of yoga practitioners for more than two thousand years. It is the key book that unlocks some of the deeper dimensions of yoga and presents us with the bigger picture no matter what our background or tradition is. By studying the Sutras and its explanations, we access the insights of master practitioners from ancient India that broaden our vision of yoga and enlighten our own practice, whether we are just beginners or seasoned teachers. In this thorough and systematic course on the Sutras, we will:

Learn to chant the Sutras in its original Sanskrit
Decode the text to deepen our understanding
Individually and collectively contemplate on the Sutras
Study the traditional commentaries in translation
Implement the teachings in our real life
End some classes with a meditation session

We would be using Edwin Bryant’s Yoga Sutras: A New Translation and Commentary, North Point Press, 2009.

Abhi Ghosh is an academic scholar of South Asian religions and has been a practitioner of bhakti-yoga for the last twenty-one years. He has spent considerable time in various monasteries in India has been trained at Calcutta and Jadavpur universities in India, Oxford University, UK and the University of Chicago. He has taught several courses in the areas of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, Yoga Sutras and various other ‘Asian Classics’ at the University of Chicago’s Graham School. Since 2005 Abhi has travelled across India, Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and USA sharing his ideas and practices with hundreds of individuals.

Cost: $25 per class and $135 for all six classes

Iyengar yoga locations/teachers nearby Oak Park, IL:

Iyengar yoga locations/teachers nearby Oak Park, IL:

Yoga Circle in downtown Chicago has several Iyengar Teachers and classes throughout the week

Garden of Yoga in LaGrange has several Iyengar Teachers and classes throughout the week

Patrina Dobish teaches Iyengar yoga  in Chicago has a class starting Jan 10, 2013, Quilombo center, Chicago, Thursday 7-8:30 pm

Laura Lundy: Teaches an Iyengar yoga class in Oak Park and in LaGrange at the Garden of Yoga


Peer Yoga Group

Other possibilities in Oak Park/River Forest Area:

“Self-study group”, started in March 2013.

– We meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month, this is a student led, free yoga class.
– You’ll need to bring your own props, it’s at 7pm until about 8:30 pm.
– The class is open to all students.
– For exact location or if you have questions, contact Dan Waterloo at
– Our syllabus for the classes is Geeta Iyengar’s book:
– – Yoga in Action: A Preliminary Course
– –



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