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Visible Body “Anatomy Atlas”

This isn’t really a book, it’s an Ipad app. I’ve been re-reading Coulter’s book “Yoga Anatomy”, and taking the time to look up the muscles and bones that he talks about. With the Anatomy Atlas, it’s amazing how the book “jumps to life’.

Starting by opening the app,  you make a series of selections, i.e. male or female, then Skeleton, Muscular, or 9 other categories of anatomy that you would like to look up. For instance, if you pick “muscular”, then you pick an area of the body that you are interested in, and up pops the 3-d graphics. You can zoom in, rotate on any axis, touch muscles or bones, and the graphics highlight, a status line at the top of the screen shows the name of the selected item, and if you touch the ‘speaker’ icon, the name is pronounced out loud.

In the attached image, I have selected the ‘sacrum’, which seems to always be part of the instructions for many poses.


I would highly recommend this app as a supplement to all of the yoga anatomy books, such as Coulter’s, or Ray Long’s wonderful books.

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